Friday, April 1, 2016

Haulage Tariff (effective 01st April 2016)

Haulage Tariff (effective 01st April 2016 ) . It could have some varies among companies offer depend on their service level.


:þð†яí¢k!!!¹²³ said...

Hi, is there any cheapest way to ship from USA or Germany to Malaysia? the package only medium large box and it weight around 15-25kg.. use courier (DHL) will cheaper? thanks

VK said...

Hi, i will need more information to give you an idea on the charges comparison. I need your box dimension, cargo pick up location and delivery location.

:þð†яí¢k!!!¹²³ said...

can you contact me through my email? or can you leave your email so that i can contact you?

this is the box dimension for 1 case
"15 8/25-inches wide x 11 5/9-inches long x 3 8/9-inches wide."

From north Hollywood California to East Malaysia Sibu.

the size is for one case only.. i will order like if 7 case. the actual weight will be lower than its volumetric weight so we just take count the dimension of the box

7 x "15 8/25-inches wide x 11 5/9-inches long x 3 8/9-inches wide."

around 3kg for each case.

so what is the best way and cheapest way to ship? do you know any service which could offer their DHL or FedEx account with much lower international shipping rate? or is there any freight forward company which can combine and forward my package together with other company or other people items and ship it here?


my email

appropriate if you could advise and help me with that.. thanks again

VK said...

Hi Patrick , So sorry , i was travelling this few days. No able to attend the reply. I am staying neutral at moment (not attach the blog to any company , therefore i do not reply on email). But i believe most of the post on my blog will be view by some numbers of freight agent and they may reply if you have stated your contact details.
Your cargo is small (3 kgs per pcs) . Cheapest option will be via courier service. May be you try to check how much is 3kgs shipment and how much is 21kgs shipment (combine all 7 pcs) . Sometimes small parcel rate are much cheaper. You can split the shipment then. (courier service like fedex and dhl , you can actually get a rate budget from their website)
If you ship thru a normal airfreight forwarder will be expensive. (it will go thru few transit Points in USA then to KUL airport only then to Sibu)

J said...


Just wanted to know, regarding this AMH tariff guidelines, is it enforceable on all their members?

Am asking because I've approached different haulage companies who charge near uniform haulage rates (as per the tariff guideline) but some are more expensive, some cheaper.

I don't know who are all the members of the AMH but I've been told they are the biggest industry association for haulage.


VK said...

Hi J, not all haulier companies are AMH members. However i believe most of the haulier will offer AMH tariff rate as it is the most competitive rate. They usually can go cheaper (NON Member) or if your rate offered are from Freight forwarders or Forwarding companies ( Due to their volume purchase and co-operation with the haulier companies) BUT subjected , if the forwarding company willing or not to offer you this discount. These are of their own performance Not to customer . As in regards to Higher rate ( could be the special service a customer may have requested).Such as side-loader request instead of trailer eg. May cost extra RM100 to RM200), Special container (such as ISO Tank, Open Top , Flat Rack and etc , may cost a surcharges fees of 30% to 50% ), Hazardous goods transportation may cost a extra 50% surcharges , outstation delivery and pick up may cost 2X tariff rate due to empty trips ( which usually Haulier will request direct stuffing or unstuffing giving a waiting time at about 3 hours to avoid 2X charges Or other request out of their NORM . Hope this may explain and answer your question.

J said...

Thanks for the response VK. Your answer managed to clear up some of my doubts.

I just wanted to find out if all the AMH members will follow the tariff since, as you've said, it is the most competitive (assuming if there are no special requirements by the customer such as the examples you have given).

If they did then it would be easier for us to do our budgeting since its should technically be uniformly followed by all the AMH members.

Also, just out of curiosity, will AMH fine or give any other sort of retaliatory action against their members if they don't follow the tariff guidelines?

Thanks for your time.

VK said...

Hi J, if you ask me , i would say AMH tariff given is the highest price one able to bill or accepted by a customer. Market is very competitive and most of the time supply is more than demand. You will more likely to get some discount rather than a higher price if you shop around. In regards to any action against members who do not follow tariff guidelines , i am not sure since i have not read AMH member's term and conditions .
Important to take notes too, that price fixing is against Malaysia Law. At such , the tariff could be just a price guides.

Ahairytrader said...

Hi VK,

First of all thanks for sharing your knowledge with others in the community. Really appreciate your kind effort.

FYI,I noticed that page 2 of the AMH Tariff seems to be missing. Perhaps you can check on that.

I can find lots of information on containerised shipping in the internet, eg haulage rate, ocean freight rate etc, but I would like to understand more on dry bulk shipping (e.g. steel, rice, grains etc).

For instance, what are the estimated ocean freight rates for dry bulk? Who are the main shipping lines providing dry bulk shipping and how do they charge? What about trucking rates in Malaysia, any guidelines on that?

Sorry for bombarding with questions. Just got stucked trying to understand more about the industry.

Appreciate if you could share your knowledge in the subject matter.


VK said...

Hi Ahairytrader, thanks for your comment, so sorry that i have missed out the 2nd pages. And i have uploaded the revision now. I again , sorry that i do not have much information on drybulk vessel. Cargoes are varies and its freight is not standardize. You contact Hyundai Merchant Marine , or any shipping liners or even shipping agency. They have the vessel service, if you have enough csrgo to fill or willing to pay for the minimum inducement for the vessel to call the port. Shipping line today are well IT developed and going along the E-commerce. For some you can just fill a request on the website Or even on live chat . (Eg.Maersk line) They even need all booking and documentation to be done online.
Thanks again for your highlight

Ahairytrader said...


Many thanks for your prompt reply.

I will contact some of the shipping liners to find out more about dry bulk shipping.

Once again, appreciate your efforts in imparting your knowledge to others here.

Keep up the good work!

Brendan Ezra said...

Hi VK,

Thanks for the information that you put out here. I am trying to understand why the haulage prices in Malaysia are very high. For all our inquiries, adding the local charges basically prices out local export for many items from the international market. Whats your take on this?

I note that the haulage cost here in Malaysia can be 3 times that what we pay in holland (going by km travelled). Sometimes I feel its better to purchase our trucks and do it ourselves cause the volume we need to shift is a lot.


Brendan Ezra said...

Hi VK,

Need to pick up a 20" container from Port Klang and send to Ipoh so it can be filled with material I need to export. Container back to Port klang.

Any idea how much that will be roughly?



VK said...

Hi Eric, depend on your address in Ipoh . It would cost approximately RM2600/container (for 3 hours waiting )direct loading ,truck return to Port Klang. If Truck to cut off trailer to stay over night (for customer loading) and return pick up next day, it will cost double (RM5200/container .

Anonymous said...

could you please pm me regarding about the stone shipping to china guangzhou from Malaysia klang port? please pm me in email thanks in advance.

VK said...

Hi, shipping of natural resource (include stone) You need to first obtain permit from Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. With this available , contact any freight agent and they will able to offer you the service . Port Klang to Guangzhou is common regular destination.

`ye shann said...

Hi VK, I have a shipment coming in next week and my appointed forwarding company is charging me RM570 for forwarding fee and RM320 for local charges. I think that amount is quite ridiculous, considering my shipment is just 53kgs (used personal effects from Sydney - I was studying there).

Is there a way that I can process this without a forwarding agent? I am not afraid of customs checking as I don't have any new items with tags and everything is non-taxable.

Please advise. Thank you so much in advance!

mubarak shaiea said...

Hi Vk.

I am from Yemen and want to start business in Malaysia, I would like to import confectionery to malaysia and china.

Kindly advise what are the requirements? !

Can I know your contact details so I can meet you up and you become my consultant and clearing partner.
Best regards

fatimah salmi said...

Hi VK can i ask you in private? please drop me an email at

Anonymous said...

Why 20Ft and 40Ft charges is the same?



VK said...

Hi Zul, there have been practise of one box rate in many countries before Malaysia started the same few years ago. Regardless a 20ft or 40ft container, both need a prime mover and a driver to haul. Why should it being bill a separate rate. A 40ft container may seem longer but a 20ft container are usually come with heavier load.

John Cally said...

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Anonymous said...

hi VK,

i'm from a forwarding company and I just want to check with you, i have an enquiry regarding Barge shipment from Port Klang to KK,Sabah.

as i have not done any barge shipments before, can you advise which party to look up for more information on charges incurred? need to quote my client and i don't really know where to start.

Please advise. Many Thanks in advance.


Sora said...

Hi VK,
I am first time in importing products from Vietnam. Already ordered but the manufacturer ask to get HS code. Is it necessary to do so? Please do advice on steps and procedures need to do. The product is for agriculture use and estimation 20kg-50kg. Please let me know what type of document need to prepare and charges. Thank you.

*Please to reply me at

Sora said...

Hi VK,
I am first time in importing products from Vietnam. Already ordered but the manufacturer ask to get HS code. Is it necessary to do so? Please do advice on steps and procedures need to do. The product is for agriculture use and estimation 20kg-50kg. Please let me know what type of document need to prepare and charges. Thank you.

*Please to reply me at

Anonymous said...


I have a shipment in Port Klang now, just arrived from Japan. Unfortunately my shipping agent bailed out and request me to look for another forwarding agent from port klang. Do you have any reliable agent? please email me at

Appreciate your reply. Thank you very much

Ricky Fang said...

Hi VK,

Will you be able to provide a detail costing for delivering products with the following details by sea freight and air freight ? Please email me at

Pickup location :Guang Qian Industrial Zone, Xi LI town, Nanshan District,
Shenzhen ,China.
Delivery location : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (exact location not decided yet)
Length -72.0 cm
Width -72.0 cm
Height -92.0 cm
Total Gross Weight (Kg) - 75.0 Kg
Volumetric weight – 105.00 Kg

Thank you.


rusydi jauhari said...

Hello Mr. VK

We are very beginner on dealing import products from Japan to Malaysia. This is my first business on import Japanese car parts from Japan to Malaysia.

Hopefully Mr. VK can help and assist on shipping.

We are planning to using 1m3 or 2m3 for our first shipping soon from Osaka Port to Port Kelang

Can you email us the details

Thank you so much Mr VK


rusydi jauhari said...

sorry Mr VK, my email:

Admin Intl Xpress said...

Hi VK,

We're a new startup company and would like to do some exporting business to Australia. We have no experience at all in logistic and are doing our research for different kind of scenario. It would be great if I can get in touch with you by email at least if you're kind enough to help us with our matter.

Please do drop me an email at

Thank you so much.

KY said...

Are customs agent licenses frozen and not issued out any more? This is as per industry talk, but I would like to find out more. do you have any idea about this?

please contact me at if you can share some light and perhaps and discuss this?

Vinay Singh said...

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Kayel Lee said...

Hello VK,

Do you support ocean freight shipment from Malaysia to USA (mainly west coast)?
If yes, can you contact me

Dilip Kumar Janarthanan said...

Hello Guys

Am currently operating with 2 service providers in Malaysia, for chemical iso-veyor and road tanker haulage within Malaysia. In a 20 foot container or ISO-veyor maximum payload they use would 19MT.

Can any one suggest me what is maximum load allowed in Malaysia trucking?
Is there any way to optimize my payload ?


Narqes-Radziq said...

Hi Vk,
I'm expecting for my consignment (food stuff) to arrive in port klang end of May, 6 cbm, can you quote me your price for custom clearance and delivery to bandar baru bangi? you can contact me at

VK said...

Hi Narqes, Thank you for dropping by. I cannot quote or offer you any charges or service ,as i am not engage with any logistics company . You have posted your email here , hope you will get a reply from logistic marketers reading your post.
You can estimate your charges from my other post ( local import charges ) . However since you are bringing in food stuff ( you may need to pay extra fees for the extra process your cargo need to go thru) .
You cargo estimated to arrive end May. You have no time to lose. You should by now decide on a logistics company ( a custom broker) to assist you. The custom broker appointment letter will take 3 to 4 days to process and without this clearance cannot be initiated.
Your cargoes are also not categorize as general cargo ( which some custom broker may not want to accept this jobs, especially if you are new importer) . Food stuff need import permit from relevant authorities depend on what type of foods you bring in. If factory packed and seal ( process is less ) But if you are importing in fresh foods and bulk loose packing, then you have to go thru more detailed process and an import permit a must prior importation. You mentioned your cargo is already on ship and due to arrive. You should go thru the permit process now with relevant authorities ( Ministry of Health) or (Ministry of Agricultural)

Radhi Md Yusuf said...

did anybody have a haulage tariff from PGu, PTP and Penang,.. Pls share with me... VK may i get ur contact info... or anybody can drop me the VK contact info... plsss

Unknown said...

Hye. Just want to inquire. This tariff is issued by whom? Is it the association or the company itself? And how about the fuel price which change every month, is this tariff also change accordingly? I had few concern that need to be clarify and hope you can help me with some advice as i dont have experience in this matter. Thanks author.

Jeremy Sia said...

hey VK, will you be updating more stuff?
I am learning a lot jus by reading thru ur blog...

newbie in this industry (24 days old)


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