Friday, February 22, 2013

Malaysia Haulage charges (Base on Point- Butterworth , Penang)

Estimate for costing only. Subject to changes due to fuel and Association tariff change time to time
For Side loader and special equipment ( Reefer , Open Top , Flat rack and etc ) a surcharge up to 50% may applicable depend on service provider.
Location of service
Alma, Bagan Jermal, Bukit Mertajam,Bukit Minyak, Bukit Tengah, Butterworth, Juru, Kepala Batas, Mak Mandin, Permatang Pauh, Prai -Phase 1, 2 , 3,& 4 , Bagan Ajam, Sungai Puyu ( RM500/container)
 Penanti, Kubang Hulu, Kubang Semang, Berapit ( RM510/container )
 Bukit Tambun, Nibong Tebal, Simpang Empat, Sungai Bakap, Tasek Gelugor, Tasek Junjong ( RM690/container )
 Sungai Udang ( RM805/container )
 Penang Island ( RM730/container)
To Kedah
Tikam Batu, Sungai Petani-South, Sungai Petani-North, Bedong, Semeling, Sungai Lallang (RM700/container)
 Kampung Batu Lima, Mahang (RM810/container)
 Merbok, Bukit Selambau( RM870/container)
 Kulim, Lunas, Sungai Ular, Labu Besar, Padang Serai, Sungai Karangan ( RM700/container)
 Kuala Ketil Via BKE, Tawar via BKE, Teloi via BKE ( RM870/container)
 Sungai Tawar (RM1040/container)
 Baling ( RM1260/container )
 Gurun, Tanjung Dawai , Kuala Muda ( RM880/container)
 Jeniang, Pendang, Sik, Tanjong Dawai Yan ( RM1045/container)
 Alor Setar-South/North, Kuala Kedah (RM1060/container)
Pokok Sena,Kepala Batas Kedah, Hutan Kampung ( RM1235/container)
Naka ( RM1290/container)
Kuala Nerang, Padang Terap ( RM1500/container)
Bandar Darul Aman, Jerlun, Jitra, Tunjang ( RM1240/container)
Changloon, Kodiang ( RM1325/container)
Bukit Kayu Hitam ( RM1500/container )

To Perlis
Arau , Chuping, Kangar, Kuala Perlis (RM1605/container)
Jejawi, Padang Besar (RM1660/container)

To Perak
Parit Buntar, Simpang Lima ( RM700/container )
Tanjong Piandang, Bandar Baru (RM810/container)
Bagan Serai (RM755/container )
Kuala Kurau, Selama (RM870/container)
Bukit Merah ( RM880/container)
Batu Kurau, Kamunting, Taiping ( RM1050/container)
Trong, Changkat Jering, Kuala Kangsar( RM1230/container )
Pantai Remis ( RM1590/container)
Lumut, Sitiawan ( RM1650/container )
Padang Rengas ( RM1070/container)
Sungai Siput-North ( RM1320/container)
Bersia, Grik, Kroh ( RM1740/container)
Chemor , Ipoh, Sungai Siput-South( RM1610/container)
Batu Gajah, Papan, Gopeng,Kampar (RM1680/container)
Tapah (RM1700/container)
Cameron Highlands (RM3080/container)
Bidor (RM1705/container)
Langkap,Telok Intan ( RM1845/container)
Hutan Melintang ( RM2130/container)
Sungkai ( RM2040/container)
Tanjong Malim ( RM2380/container)
Petaling Jaya/Subang/Shah Alam ( RM3440/container)
Port Klang ( RM3460/container )


xclpl said...

Customs Clearance

Really nice info about customs-clearance services.I really wounder to search that type of blog.Thanks for sharing and also very helpful for everybody.

gupta21 said...

hi i am shifting to india...i have to send around 50 kg luggage to mannarguid india form Serikembangan, selangor Malaysia. How much it cost me and process.

VK said...

Hi Gupta21, 50kgs cheapest to send via Airfreight Or even courier service for Door to Door. If via conventional Airfreight , Airport of discharge will most probably Chennai Airport (For 50kgs , Expect transport and clearance from Seri Kembangan to KUL Airport (about RM500 + RM5/kg for the airfreight KUL to Chennai Airport only) . You need to arrange own custom clearance and delivery from Chennai Airport to Mannarguid. Suggest you try courier service such as DHL or Fedex , since your cargo is not large. And if you are flying , why not just check in with the airline and pay some overweight fees (check with airlines how much weight is allowed free by a passenger. Some Airline allow passenger check in luggage up to 30kgs per ticket. If you have 2 person travelling, then is free. Or single traveller , just pay the balance 20kgs. Could be cheaper.

Yvonne Babe said...

please pm me regarding about stone export to china guang zhou with 65 kg. door to door.

mohamad ikwan said...

im looking for agent clearance at kuching sarawak can u suggest me witch company i should use? can emel me at< >

Anonymous said...

pl let me know what doc I need to hv from exporter to import perishable agri food item to Klang port.

What is the cost to clear, custom duty etc in Klang pirt for 20 feet freezer container

Siera Chowdhury

John Cally said...

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