Friday, April 1, 2016

Ocean Freight as of October 2017 (Domestics ) West to East Malaysia

Below are Ocean ONLY ( Usually small fluctuate with time and season ) subject to EBS ( Subject to fluctuation per fuel price ) and other local export and terminal charges and fumigation (a must for all goods with wooden packing  )

NOTE : SUBJECT EBS RM 775/teus (RM1150/40ft ) - As of 01st OCT 2017
*** WEF 15/09/11, implementation of Overweight Surcharge (OWS) exceeded 20.0metric tons (cargo weight + container weight) are subject to OWS of RM150 per20’GP COC, SOC & all kind of special equipment applicable for exportshipment ex PKG to any East Malaysia & Brunei port.

Note: Kindly be informed that the implementation of LCHC for SABAH port  w.e.f 15 March 2012 at RM148/20’ & RM260/40’ under consignee account on top of the standard THC and crane charge plus other applicable local charges.
KK CHC @ RM50/20' & RM100/40' will be on consignee Acct. (Applicable for K.Kinabalu/Sandakan/Tawau shipment only)
Sabah Port Surcharge RM150/20' & RM300/40'on consignee account applicable for Sandakan/Tawau shipment only

Ocean Freight ( Full Container Load) SUBJECT TO EBS

Port Klang to Kuching  ( RM650/20ft & RM1300/40ft )
Port Klang to Sibu ( RM1100/20ft & RM2200/40ft )
Port Klang to Bintulu ( RM1250/20ft & RM2500/40ft)
Port Klang to Muara ( RM1550/20ft & RM3100/40ft)
Port Klang to Kota Kinabalu ( RM1000/20ft & RM2000/40ft)
Port Klang to Labuan ( RM1600/20ft & RM3200/40ft )
Port Klang to Sandakan ( RM1700/20ft & RM3400/40ft )
Port Klang to Tawau ( RM1700/20ft & RM3400/40ft)
Miri via Bintulu ( RM2150/20ft & RM4300/40ft )
Lahad Datu via Tawau (RM2750/20ft & RM5300/40ft)

Less Container Load ( LCL )

Door to Door ( for better costing )

Pick up area within Klang valley and delivery within 10 km from Port of destination

RT - revenue ton ( cargo weight or m3 which ever greater )

Klang to Kuching : RM220/RT
Klang to Sibu : RM245/RT
Klang to Bintulu : RM260/RT
Klang to Miri : RM260/RT
Klang to Kota Kinabalu : RM230/RT
Klang to Sandakan : RM285/RT
Klang to Tawau : RM285/RT
Klang to Lahad Datu via Tawau : RM340/RT
Klang to Labuan via Kota Kinabalu ; RM350/RT


For both Full container load and Less Container load. ( 50% surcharges applied for DG ( hazardous goods Class 11 & 111 )


Sing Huat Teo said...

CAN YOU LEFT your contact number o mail me, i have some doubt on the cost and etc..

VK said...
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xclpl said...

Sea Freight

Thank you for sharing Sea Freight info.I'm very happy to found this post to be every informative.It is also very useful for every body.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir, How may I contact you?

Unknown said...

can u give ur phone no? need an assist to freight car from west to east malaysia.

albina N muro said...

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albina N muro said...

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freight guru said...

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Anonymous said...

Can you please advise from port klang to sibu, 20ft container full load, what's the approximate cost inclusive of clearance?

VK said...

Hi, if from Port Klang to Sibu Port. Will cost you approximately RM3000 ( included local Port and clearance charges at Port Klang ONLY ) . BUT NOT include trucking/haulage charge which is depend on your pick up address , stuffing charges and all local and related charges at Sibu.

Anonymous said...

can you please advice me about shipment a motorcycle from tawau to port klang or if possible i want door to door service to melaka and how much its cost me?

VK said...

Hi, cheapest option will be via RORO vessel (you bike will be ridden on board and ridden off ship upon arrival Port Klang. ( Only limitation is the service only available from Labuan or Kota Kinabalu and not Tawau) . If you can deliver your motorcycle up to either one of above Port ( to the vehicle transit centre), then you will have to come out with a budget about RM2700 to RM3000 depend on your Melaka delivery address.

Anonymous said...

can you please advise me the rates for 40ft gp,20ft OT,40ft OT from klang to kuching inclusive clearance.

VK said...

Hi, Port Klang to Kuching ,you may expect an Ocean freight for a 40ft GP may cost MYR3200 to MYR3400/40ft , MYR11,000 to MYR13,000/20ft OT and MYR20,000 to MYR22,000/40ft OT ( Depend on cargo weight and space) . NOT INCLUDE any local charges. LOCAL charge will depend on trucking (Location) , Stuffing matter (Type of goods), lifitng facilities(weight of goods), Port CY entry or Direct loading onto vessel requirement and etc (work to be done) . Special equipment shipment may consist special project handling (non regular GP shipment). You need to liase close with your forwarder.

Sam Wong said...

Hi, I wish to ship my Myvi from KL back to Lahad Datu. May I know the total cost for the shipping? How long normally will it takes to reach the destination? Lastly, must the car be fully settled / without any bank loan if it is to be sent for shipment.
Hear from you soon. Thank you.

VK said...

Hi Sam, cheapest option to ship a car from Port Klang to Sabah will be via RORO vessel ( REGRET THAT CURRENTLY ONLY AVAILABLE FOR KOTA KINABALU AND LABUAN DISCHARGE) . You will need to collect the car from Kota Kinabalu Port (VTC)Vehicle Transit Centre. Then you have to self drive it to Lahad Datu. If this is the shipping option. It may cost you more or less RM3000 only.
If you willing to pay more for convenient, you can ship in via a containerize vessel. But this may cost you 3X above ( RM8000 to RM10000)
On the unsettle bank loan, no problem . You just need to get a bank release letter for custom clearance and release. Ask your bank for it. Car movement between Penisular and East Malaysia is a common traffic.

Anonymous said...

Dear VK,

I am planning on shipping a Proton Saga BLM from Kuching to Klang area. May I know the total cost of the shipping using the RORO vessel.

Thanks for your reply.

VK said...

Hi, via RORO Kuching to Port Klang, self drive to Kuching VTC and self collect at VTC Port Klang, you expect to pay RM2100 to RM2500 or more depend on forwarder service offered.

Anonymous said...

hi i want to know the rate if i want to bring back my isuzu dmax from brunei to port klang..door to door delivery in klang itself..

VK said...

Hi, BRING BACK your vehicle... Does this mean , this is a Malaysia registered vehicle ? IF THIS IS A MALAYSIA CAR . Cheapest Option will be via RORO vessel. But service only available from Kuching Port. You will need to drive it to MIRI. Agent in MIRI will take over , truck it to Kuching for loading onto RORO vessel. This may cost use more or less RM4500 to RM5500 depend on service level you need.
If you want to ship out from Brunei ( this is be via a container ( 20ft GP- if it can fix in- Max height-2280mm) . You will need to pay more or less RM9000 to RM10000 depend on level of service you need.

If this is a Brunei car and import into Malaysia , then a total different process , and best option will only via container from Brunei ( more expensive depend on additional service and declaration and registration process and etc. AND YOU MUST HAVE AP ( IMPORT PERMIT).

ZamZakri said...

Dear sir,
I am planning to ship out food stuff in boxes, processed topioca ( kerepek ) from port klang to kota kinabalu in between 50kgs to 100kgs. Vise versa to bring in dried-prawn and enchovies from kota kinabalu back to port klang in the same amount. How much would i expect the cost of shipping them to and fro Port Klang - Kota Kinabalu ? Kindly advise TQ

VK said...

Hi Zam, if via seafreight , base on volume you may expect to pay averagely RM250 to RM350/m3 depend in pick up and delivery address. ( how far from the Port)

Jaekey said...

Please reply or email me ( ) Car shipping from Tawau to Port Klang. Give me information about the price and contact. Car is almost like vios style or rush style. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Im thinking of shipping furniture from Kl to Miri,What's the fastest route and cost for door to door?

Anonymous said...

Please email me at

Anonymous said...

Hi en zam... Kami shipping & forwarding agent di KK... Saya yakin dpt bantu en. Zam utk minimize cost. Sila hubungi saya segera. Abu 0133073012

Anonymous said...

Dear sir, i would like to offer you rm1800 for door-to-door service from kuching to klang valley area. Call me Abu 0133073012

Mashita Hamzah said...

How much it cost to ship hyundai getz from sandakan to port klang? And how long it takes?

MD Intech said...

Hi mashita, please call me Abu at 0133073012 to get good price. Arrangment from sandakan to kk will take 1-2 days.. Shipment from kk to port klang will take as fast as 5 to 7 days depend on shipment date.


Hi, please may i know the all-in-cost, including insurance to ship 2 cars from KL to KK? Thanks, Pang

Anonymous said...

hi pang,

u can drop me an email at

Anonymous said...

Hi, may i know the cost to ship an inspira from kl to tawau? Will it be cheaper to collect it at kk and selfdrive to tawau? Please advise is it ok to ship a queen size mattress as well? It cost 4k

Anonymous said...

Please email me at if it wont trouble you. Thanks.

man said...

Hi,may I know cost to ship 2 cars from labuan to kajang?if possible give me detaile price door to door because I dont want have a problem at port klang

VK said...

Hi Man, I suggest you to contact a forwarding agent to have more understanding and details. Import from Labuan into Port Klang is not consider a domestic shipment. You will need permit, pay excise duty, import and sales tax.

Tursheena Abdul Kuddus said...

Hello VK. I would like to send my car (perodua myvi) from kl to kuching, sarawak.

Pls quote me the price by sea and air freight.


Anonymous said...

Can you drop me an email, i'm want to ship Iswara from port klang to Kota Kinabalu.

How much the cost and insurance?

Lyddia Cheah said...
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Lyddia Cheah said...

I would like to ship a proton saga car from kl to kk. How would I do it and how much is the cost??

Anonymous said...

Hi, We from Ocean Select Sdn Bhd will be glad to help. Drop us a mail for a quote .



VK said...

Hi, For Car shipment to East Malaysia, if there is no personal effect or other items to be ship together, cheapest and fastest option if via RORO service (roll on and roll up ) Car driven onto the ship and driven off the ship upon arrival . Depend on service level and extend, you will need budget average RM2800 to RM3000 for up to Kuching Port self collection , and RM3000 to RM3500 for Kota Kinabalu Port self collection. Hope this information may help

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
wan to ask ya ,

Shipping from Port klang to muara .

Goods = T-shirt & towel
Est Weight of between 1900 - 2000kg

whats is the charges look like ?
and for we sender how much we need to pay and for receiver how much to pay ?

does it have any tax & duty ?

misc. charges how much est .

wish to get your help ASAP before 2mr hopefully .

i just need a rough number for all charges .


ezylo said...


I would like to ship things from Selangor to Labuan, Please email me ( the details and price. Door to Door service.

Details: 4 units of 50cm x 35cm x 55cm Boxes (About 100-150kg)


East Shell said...


I want to ship my car (Toyota Avanza) from JB to Sibu.

Please email me at of the price & detail.

Thank you.

Mr. Ting

Anonymous said...

Hi, how much to send 20ft container (renovation stuffs) from kl to labuan? Pls email me details at thank you

VK said...

Hi Haniza, you would need pay around RM3500 for the Ocean freight and Port Charges at Port Klang. Other charges expected are the trucking from KL area( take note that container truck may not able to access city area), export clearance and import charges at Labuan and clearance + trucking. This may averagely cost you extra RM5000 to RM5500 ( depend on you stuffing and unstuffing location) Excluding stuffing and unstuffing. Hope above information may help.

purplemist said...

May i know the best option to ship honda civic year 2010 from port klang to sandakan? Thanks in advance
Mail me at

VK said...

Hi Ervina, there is no RORO vessel service from Port Klang to Sandakan. You have to choose either via RORO vessel to Kota Kinabalu ( which cost approximately RM3000++) then self drive from Kota Kita Kinabalu to Sandakan ; get a company or tow company to drive your car to Sandakan OR ship direct from Port Klang , Selangor to Sandakan via a 20ft Container ( But this option will cost you more or less RM8000 to RM10,000 or a bit more depend on service your need) . Container shipping involve clearance , Port Handling , Warehouse handling -stuffing and unstuffing and trucking at both end , Port Klang and Sandakan. Hope you quote from some agents reading your post.

Anonymous said...

Hi can you advise I want to sea freight the. Consignment (hardware spare part)China delivery via sea freight to port klang, then sea freight to Miri sarawak(east MALAYSIA)

How much would this cost? And break down ? Please email me

Henry said...

I would like to ship a bulk of second hand motorcycle from port klang to tawau. Pls give some advice for me as using the shipping method. By container or roll and roll of ? 20ft and 40ft container can fit how many motorcycle? Please email me ASAP. Tq

Anonymous said...

Can you advise me the rate for myvi from kuching to kota kinabalu. How much will it takes? Thanks!

atatt said...


May i know the shipping cost for a 3 ton bonded truck about 6x9x19ft from Port Klang - Kota Kinabalu?

We plan to bring it to Tawau. Is there any other advisable port you could advise?

Thanks appreciate your swift response.

chowsc said...

Hi VK,
I am new to here. And I would like to send some frozen fruit fleshes to Sabah ( Kota konabalu ) and Sarawak ( Kuching ). Can you please advise some agents that can handle this for me? Most forwarders I approached do not cover east Malaysia. ( My cargo can be loaded at Port Klang or if the forward may, I would like to have door to door service too ) Thanks. Please help as this is real urgent for my customers :( my contact is 0129816083 ( Stephen ) and email: thank you! :)

VK said...

Hi Atatt, for large vehicle, cheapest option is to ship it via RORO vessel up to Kota Kinabalu and self drive to Tawau. RORO vessel from Port Klang to Kota Kinabalu ,self drive to Port Klang Vehicle transit centre and self collect from Kota Kinabalu Port , may only cost you about RM7000 more or less depend on market at the time and service range. (for your vehicle size 30m3)

fiza Martinez said...

Hi VK,

I would like to inquiry on the charges for 1 container 20 footer from Port Klang to Sandakan..The container consist oil product..I need all charges involves and also the duration it takes to reach Sandakan...Your soonest reply is highly appreciated..Please reply me to my email

melcy said...

Hi..may i know do u ship bedding set only from port klang to lahad datu sabah? Bcuz i dont hv car to ship so i just want to know the price for shipping my bedding set..tq

Eric Chong said...

Hi, Could anyone quote me for 2 pallets from Port Klang to Tawau below. They are personal effects and will be shipped from Port Hamburg to Port klang which unfortunately the shipping agent could not arrange to ship directly to Tawau.

Pallet 1:
Cubic Meter: 1.30 cbm (including pallet)
Dimension: 240cm (length) x 100cm (width) x 54cm (height)
Weight: 410kg

Pallet 2:
Cubic Meter: 2.54 cbm (including pallet)
Dimension: 120cm (length) x 100cm (width) x 212cm (height)
Weight: 390kg

Please specify the freight charges, custome clearance, delivery to door (within 5km from Port tawau)

Best regards,

Joe CY said...


Can quote me for shipping a motorcycle ( scrambler ) from port klang to miri?
please reply to my email below:

Tan Anthony said...

any roro service from penang to sibu ?

chua chua said...

Hi, need comment from expert. I will move from Seremban to sibu, may I know what is the best option and price to send my belonging. I have one alza and one Kenari plus some furniture and few boxes of items need to send.

VK said...

I see 2 options. 1) Vechile send via RORO (2 units ,might cost you RM8 to RM9k)with driving from Seremban. Balance household items proper packed and send via LCL if not large in volume ,(less than 10m3)Might cost you another RM4k depend on your actual pick up and delivery address. OR 2) Stuff all items into a 40ft container. Assuming you drive those vechile to a Port Klang warehouse and take own deliver at a Sibu warehouse (You do not have facilities to proper stuff, lash and chock your vechile and goods into container) This option might cost you RM14 to 16K

Anonymous said...

hi VK,I need your advice. I will move from ampang to miri, may I know what is the best option and price to send my belonging.I have some furniture and few boxes of items need to send

VK said...

Hi, to move cargo from West to East Malaysia , easier and cheapest option will be via LCL ( door to door ) . Cargo will be pick up from your door step and delivered to your door step. It just a domestic movement of goods. ( if cargo less than a 20ft container load ) .

Anonymous said...

Hi. I would like to ship my car from port klang to kuching. Could I have a quotation ?

Jo said...

Hi, i would like to ship my car to sibu. Can i know more details about it?

Pls email me

Pitch Ting said...

Need to ship car from KL to Sibu. How long does it take and what is the charges like?

Emmanuel Lim said...

I would like to know the cost to ship my Loft Bed frame from KL (Sunway area) to Kota Kinabalu.

The item is packed into 3 parts:

1st part measurement: 200cm x 28cm x 28cm

2nd part measurement: 207cm x 13cm x 12cm

3rd part measurement: 94cm x 21cm x 21cm.

Total weight estimated to be below 100KG (I estimate around 80KG).

Appreciate if you can give me several options. Tq.

My email:

Tony said...

Hi, I need to ship my car (small sedan) from JB / KL to Sibu. kindly give me more details and quotation. thanks.

my email address is:

Anonymous said...

I want to ship my car myvi from kl to miri/ kuching (sarawak ) . Kindly give more details and quaotation.
My email address is :

zuhaire ismail said...

I would like to send my car from penang to is any services from there?
Here my email


Want to send motorcycle from kl to melaka after cny

01121198550 azmi


Sharon Go Engan said...

i wan to send car from klang to kuching.. email me

Anonymous said...

May I know your charges to
1. send an MPV car from Port Klang to Miri?
2. send items to be fit into a 20ft container from Puchong to Miri?

Please send reply to
Thank you.


John Cally said...

We specialise in Moving Cars All over the world visit or call 011 3321 5994 alternative 011 33215990. It's not that expensive. Cheers. Big Box Express International Port Klang

sherry tang said...

Can you advise cost to ship back lorry from kl to tawau.

sherry tang said...

Can you advise cost to ship back lorry from kl to tawau.

John Cally said...

You ca reach me at our CS team will get back to you asap. Tq.

Anonymous said...

I'm planning to ship my myvi 1,3 from port klang to kuching. how much and hw long will it take? URGENT

Anonymous said...

Can you drop me ur contact number into my email:
Need to ship back 2 cars from kl to sarawak Urgently!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I plan to bring moto oil fr KL to KK whats the cheapest way please advice? Fyi 500 liter oil

Anonymous said...

May I know how much it cost to ship a proton saga sv from kl to kk? Thanks.

my email is

wh said...


Can you contact me at

I have many shipments to east malaysia every week.

I am looking for long term business.

Thank you


Wei Hong

Anonymous said...

My name is Kasmady
May I know the cost of shipping back Proton Saga BLM from KL to Kuching alongside a few furnitures and fridge.
Thank you

Anonymous said...


I need to send a MyVi car from Port Klang to Sibu.
What are the options?
What are the charges like?
Can you let me know thru my email

Anonymous said...

Plz send me quotations to my email for shipping perodua viva from kota kinabalu to port klang to kuala lipis if available or from kota kinabalu to port klang only.

Anonymous said...

Can you please send me a quotation for ship a Gen2 from Port Klang to Kota Kinabalu?

Lin Sze said...

May I know how much it costs for shipping a medical bed from Penang to Sibu (door to door)?
How long does it take?

Size: 2160x1000x480/720mm
Net weight:100kg
Please reply to:

Harley said...

Hi! I am moving from Sibu to KL. May I have a quotation for shipping a Perodua Viva from Sibu to KL please? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I need an advice.

1. What is the best method of transport for Halal Frozen Food from Miri to KL/Malacca?

thank you

chua chua said...

I want to sending IKEA furniture from port Klang to sibu. Ikea will deliver to port Klang. Any contact can suggest to me.

Pathachari said...

Dear sir,
I need LCL service from port Klang to Chittagong. Few luggages and household staff. Totaling 500 KGs. What would be the approximate charge???

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,
Can you please advise from Kuching to Penang, 20ft container full load and half load, what's the approximate cost inclusive of clearance? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have cargo at Labuan and need to transfer the Cargo to our warehouse at Port Klang Free Zone.

What the true rules that i need to do clearance the cargo. And is it still need to pay GST? Is it we can use K8 form?

Anonymous said...

Dear VK,

Can you drop me your email address or contact number as i want to talk in details regarding shipping of vehicles from west malaysia to Sibu.


Fariq Rizai Ishak said...


I would like to inquire any agents reading this, who provide door-to-door solutions for personal relocations.
I need to ship my household items, furniture, clothes and personal belongings from my home in Puchong, Selangor to Tawau, Sabah.
Am planning to move before end of January 2016.

1)Could you please quote me for a 20' container (door-to-door) with/without packing.
2)LCL (door-to-door) charges.
3)Also for RoRo freight charges for a passenger vehicle. (Port Klang - KK port).

Please contact me @ 012-900 6724 if you have any queries or need to come by for a survey.
Please email quotation to

Thank you and kind regards!


faridatul ain said...

Hi ..i would like to ask of there any door to door for personal relocation ...really need help here. I need to ship personal item and a car am Isuzu Prado from Kota Kinabalu to Port Klang. If can all the item can put into the car and only ship the car.
Please contact me @ 017-6671351 if you have any question and email me the quotation to .

Thank you very much !!


Mr Lee said...

Hi, do you provide shipping service from singapore to sibu, Sarawak? I am relocating to sibu, need to ship some household items. How much will it cost? Appreciate if you can contact me at

Many thanks,
Mr Lee

dickdick said...

Hi what about kuching to kl?

Summer Ling said...


May I know LCL from kota kinabalu to port klang fumigation needed for wooden packed cargo?

Kindly advise the rate.


ShipMyAuto said...

Great work done by author of this blog. I never seen such a beautiful and informative blog. Also the looks of the blog is awesome. Keep posting please.

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Anonymous said...

We are doing warehouse management in Kota kinabalu, SABAH. If you need 3rd party logistics services in Kota Kinabalu, please kindy contact me.
location : Kota Kinabalu

Radhi Md Yusuf said...

VK.... could you pls assist me... pls email me , coz i need info from u..... pl...plsss...plsss

Baq's Creative Photography said...

dear sir

Can i get data for 20 ft & 40 ft container for the oversea rate from port klang to :-

AUSTRALIA (Main ports)
CHINA (Shanghai)
EUROPE (Main ports)
INDIA (Navasheva)
JAPAN (Main ports )
KOREA (Pusan)

can you email me - amirul jamaludin

I need it urgently if you have.

Studio Ken said...

hi, I'm Ken from Vietnam.
I want to book a 40 feet container from Labuan or Kota Kinabalu to Cai Mep port ( Viet Nam ).
How much will it cost? Appreciate if you can contact me at

Many thanks,
Mr Lee

ken spab said...

Im very interesting about this,
How about the 40ft from singapore to port klang?
Please contact me at

Radhi Md Yusuf said...

did anybody got VK contact info....pls share with me

Dr Purva Pius said...
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Mutiara Mewah said...

Hi all,
I'm Ong from Kota Kinabalu, our company provide container import & export shipping service, customs clearance, container haulage services, warehouse. POL: kota Kinabalu, Tawau Sabah.
POD: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Mynmar, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, USA, Canada.
Please email if you need more info.

Jason Ong

Alice Hii said...

Can you give me the quotation of the following items?

1) Product: machine

Size: 165cm x 170cm x 110cm

Weight: 950kg

Departure: Shulin Dist., New Taipei City 238, Taiwan

Arrival: 81750 Masai, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Preferred Shipping Mode: Sea freight

Estimated arrival date: 28/11/2016

Insurance: Yes

2) Product: machine

Size: 20' container

Weight: 3000+/- kg

Departure: Yung Kang Dist., Tainan, Taiwan

Arrival: 81750 Masai, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Preferred Shipping Mode: Sea freight

Estimated arrival date: 28/11/2016

Insurance; Yes

Your service would be greatly appreciated.

Erdem Gencoglu said...

Hi dear all

I would like to sent our packed items from port klang to Kota kinabalu with 20fit container. please can ou contact with me. thanks all

016-912 0565


hi all. Im Shiera

shall you have any enquiry for seafreight or airfreight, you may email me at

Tel : +603 7832 7682

Will Lee said...

Hi, can u quote me for sending a axia from port klang to sibu via RORO. My car still under bank loan, any action need to be taken to send my car to sibu? How much does the insurance cost?
You may reply me via email

Sia Sia said...

I would like to ship my car from Sibu to Johor Bahru. Could somebody advise on this matter? How much is the seafreight?(ALl in cost including cleareance cost) You can email me at or call 0177066950/98354186

Unknown said...

Hi... am ms titi from wls container lines (m) sdn bhd..

Anyone need info or quotation for export or import pls cal me at 019-324 2199 (via wassap also can) thx. have a good day...

Symphony Adv said...

Got any loose cargo service from kuching to Johor Bahru?

Unknown said...

Hi,Any service from Philippines Subic to Johor bahru gelang patah?around 1~3 CBM,Tay-

Moo Moo Cow said...

I want to ship some furniture from Port Klang to Sibu through LCL service urgently. Could you contact me at

Low Jeff said...

Hi,May I know post from port Klang to Kuching charge how much?2 cabinet and 10 boxes around 50cmx50cmx50cm.Please contact me as soon as possible! Thanks

Jeff 012-6733367

Suvin said...

How much is to send a motorbike from klang to Sibu? Is it possible 2 LCL ?

pls reply at

Anonymous said...

Hi I m Lean & I would like some advice with regards to taking my car that I bought in Labuan since I am working here & will be moving back to Kuala Lumpur in August 2017

Whats the procedure / cost & time frame to deliver it in KL

Who is the reliable transpoter for cars from Labuan to KL

My email :

Thank you

Thomas Liew said...

Hi I want to send packed liquid cosmetics products around 40kgs from KL Pandan Indah to Miri, Sarawak. Needs LCL door to door service. Is it available and how much will be the overall cost? Thanks.

Anonymous said...


we had shipment Dg Class 3 , LCL From Port Klang to Miri .20 kgs

Urgent reply

Siew Boon Ong said...

please advice 10kg liquid parcel to sandakan sabah
thank you

leehwa writes said...

Hi, Please advise, need to send a car from West Malaysia to Kota Kinabalu, so many companies on line, which are the reliable good ones. Thank you. Ruby Lo

leehwa writes said...

Hi, Please advise, need to send a car from West Malaysia to Kota Kinabalu, so many companies on line, which are the reliable good ones. Thank you. Ruby Lo

windworldcargo said...

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windworldcargo said...

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Unknown said...

Hi , I’m Jessica , 1 M3 from kl to Labuan is how much ? Can send me quotation or email to me ..
Will wait ur reply ..

Badrulhisyam Abdullah said...

Hi good day,

Im badrulhisyam
I want 40 foot, from klang to labuan.
consist of 2 car, and furniture.
Please give me quote at
I really looking forward your reply. Many thanks tuan

International Freight said...

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connie said...

Do u offer door to door pick up from Selangor, post code 68100? For LCL.

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about blank said... you provide frozen goods courier too? loose item. thank you

Anonymous said...

I have heavy parcel 61KG need to ship to Labuan.
Please contact me at Thanks