Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Malaysia Haulage charges (Base on Point- Port Klang) continue.. page 3

Malaysia Haulage charges ( Base on Point- Port Klang) continue from page 2. Estimate for costing only. Subject to changes due to fuel and Association tariff change time to time

1.      80000J JB-Johor BahruRM3500
2.      81000J KulaiRM3270
3.      81200J JB-TampoiRM3450
4.      81300J JB-SkudaiRM3450
5.      81400J SenaiRM3335
6.      81500J Pekan NenasRM3500
7.      81550J Tg.PelepasRM3631
8.      81700J Pasir GudangRM3500
9.      81800J Ulu TiramRM3475
10.  81900J Kota TinggiRM3610
11.  81910J Kuala SediliRM3000
12.  82000J PontianRM3560
13.  82200J BenutRM3125
14.  83000J Batu PahatRM2770
15.  83700J Yong Peng UtaraRM2910
16.  84600J PagohRM2580
17.  84900J TangkakRM2360
18.  85000J SegamatRM2500
19.  85300J LabisRM2700
20.  86000J KluangRM3010
21.  86100J Ayer HitamRM2910
22.  86600J PalohRM3060
23.  86800J MersingRM3600
24.  01000R KangarRM4300
25.  05000K Alor StarRM4290
26.  06000K JitraRM4400
27.  06050K ChangloonRM4250
28.  06050K Bk.Kayu HitamRM5100
29.  06100K KodiangRM4250
30.  06300K Kuala NerangRM4210
31.  06600K Kuala KedahRM4050
32.  08000K Sg.PetaniRM4025
33.  08300K GurunRM3500
34.  09000K KulimRM3650
35.  09100K BalingRM4080
36.  09300K Kuala KetilRM3860
37.  09800K SerdangRM3450
38.  09810K SelamaRM3200
39.  75000M Melaka-KotaRM2212
40.  75250M Melaka-ChengRM2201
41.  75250M Melaka-Cheng XchangeRM2201
42.  75250M Melaka-KlebangRM2212
43.  75260M Melaka-Bukit RambaiRM2120
44.  75260M Melaka-KerubongRM2201
45.  75350M Melaka-Bt.Berendam,BachanRM2212
46.  75450M Melaka-Ayer KerohRM2160
47.  75460M Melaka-Ayer MolekRM2226
48.  76100M Durian TunggalRM2165
49.  76200M Kem TerendakRM2090
50.  76300M Tangga Batu,Sg.UdangRM2120
51.  76400M Tajong KlingRM2120
52.  76450M Paya RumputRM2160
53.  77000M JasinRM2300
54.  77300M MerlimauRM2280
55.  77500M Tebong,SelandarRM2180
56.  78000M Alor GajahRM2090
57.  78200M Kuala Sg.BaruRM2200
58.  78300M Masjid TanahRM2145
59.  84000J MuarRM2510
60.  70000N Seremban - Pusat Bandar SahajaRM1780
61.  70100N Seremban - RahangRM1780
62.  70200N Seremban-T.Ismail,Galla,KepayangRM1780
63.  70300N Seremban2,OaklandRM1780
64.  70300N Seremban3,Rasah,MambauRM1780
65.  70450N Seremban-Senawang,Ampangan,SikamatRM1780
66.  71000N Port Dickson RM2045
67.  71100N SiliauRM1910
68.  71200N RantauRM1940
69.  71250N Pasir PanjangRM2195
70.  71300N Rembau RM1870
71.  71450N Seremban-Sg.Gadut,Tk.Jafar,Sri SenawangRM1780
72.  71600N Kuala Klawang,JelebuRM1980
73.  71700N MantinRM1580
74.  71750N LenggengRM1420
75.  71760N Seremban-Enstek,LB JohnsonRM1600
76.  71770N Seremban-Pantai,J.Jelebu >B.2RM1825
77.  71800N NilaiRM1412
78.  72000N Kuala PilahRM2000
79.  72100N BahauRM2111
80.  73000N TampinRM2060
81.  73100N JoholRM2170
82.  73200N GemenchehRM2160
83.  73400N GemasRM2330
84.  10000P Penang-GeorgetownRM4300
85.  12000P Bworth-Bagan LuarRM3600
86.  13200P Kepala BatasRM3630
87.  14000P Bk.MertajamRM3430
88.  14300P Nibong TebalRM3290
89.  20000T Kuala TerengganuRM3980
90.  21400T Bk.Payong, Binjai, Kbg.PuyuRM4050
91.  21600T MarangRM3920
92.  21700T Kuala BerangRM4150
93.  21800T AjilRM4050
94.  22000T JertehRM4520
95.  22200T Kuala BesutRM4560
96.  23000T DungunRM3620
97.  23100T PakaRM3520
98.  24000T CukaiRM3220
99.  24000T Tk.Kalong,Tg.Berhala,KemamanRM3270
100.24100T KijalRM3385
101.24210T KemasekRM3380
102.24300T KertehRM3450


VK said...

Take note Haulage rate have increased by 20% effective 1st June 2011 on top of current tariff

Anonymous said...

Hi VK! Firstly, many thanks for fantastic amount of useful information on your blog.
Would you know approximate price for haulage charges from port klang to a factory in port klang? I believe it must be the minimum charge.
Thanks! Alex I.

Anonymous said...

Found my answer on page 1. Thanks!
Alex. I

Kenny said...

Hello bro do you mind if I ask, what is the procedure to import gym supplements into malaysia? I want to get my stocks directly from the States.

Thanks bro

VK said...

Hi Kenny, you need to obtain import permit from the health ministry before import. With this you may approach any freight forwarder and forwarding agent . They will able to provide a total logistics service, from pick up goods to deliver up to your door step.

sachin panwar said...

Hi VK, would you know how to import human pharmaceutical products in Malaysia ? Any agency who can arrange the necessary licenses. Thanks

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Ethan Smith said...

Thank you for this information. This will definitely give everyone an idea about haulage cost they need to prepare if they have plans to move.