Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Malaysia Container Haulage Charges ( Point base from Port Klang) Page 1

Container Haulage Delivery Charges .  Port Klang as start and end point.   This charges will not apply for others Port point such as Penang, Pasir Gudang , Kuching , Kuantan and etc.  Hope it will be able to offer a guide for delivery costing.

Haulage delivery are meant for delivery of 20ft , 40ft , 40ft HC and special equipment ( Open Top, Flat Rack ) , within gauge only.

An add on of surcharge 50% applied for Reefer containers and Hazardous goods.Out of Gauge Special equipment such Open Top and Flat Rack would depend on the height and width of the cargo and able or not to be transported on Haulage on the road.

Below costing guide are inclusive of fuel surcharges and tolls  ( Take note , fuel surcharges and toll add on may change by times )

Per Container Basis (applied for 20ft & 40ft)

1.      42000B Port Klang-KLB Yard RM625
2.      42000B Port Klang-Sult.Hisham Kaw.20RM625
3.      42000B Port Klang-Jln.Pelabuhan,LPKRM625
4.      42000B Port Klang-North Port,S.MohdRM625
5.      42000B Port Klang-South Port,Pandam.RM625
6.      42000B Port Klang-KCT/CT1RM625
7.      42000B Port Klang-KPM/CT2RM625
8.      42000B Port Klang-Telok GongRM625
9.      42920B Port Klang-KMTRM625
10.  42920B Port Klang-West PortRM625
11.  42500B T.Panglima Garang,SijangkangRM625
12.  42600B JenjaromRM708
13.  42700B Bkt.Changgang (Genting Sanyen)RM1384
14.  42700B Banting,Olak LempitRM792
15.  42700B MoribRM1186
16.  42800B Tanjong SepatRM1186
17.  43800B DengkilRM1384
18.  43900B Sepang,Sg.PelekRM1611
19.  43900B Salak TinggiRM1384
20.  64000B KLIA/F1,SepangRM1611
21.  40460B SA S32 Bk.Rmau/Naga,Bjaya IPRM645
22.  40460B SA S29,30 Kebun fr B.5,LombgRM645
23.  40470B SA S34-36 KgJawa T,Bk.KemungRM645
24.  41000B Klang-Kg.Jawa BaratRM645
25.  41050B Klang-Bk.Raja/BRaja Selt.SA7RM640
26.  41050B Klang-Jln./Pekan MeruRM722
27.  41100B Klang-Selatan,Teluk PulaiRM645
28.  41200B Klang-Tmn.Klang JayaRM640
29.  41300B Klang-Sungai RasauRM640
30.  41400B Klang-JKaparRM645
31.  42100B Klang-Utama,J.Kapar >B.3-7RM640
32.  42200B J.Kapar >B.10-12RM716
33.  42200B J.Kapar >B.7-10,PerepatRM635
34.  45000B Kuala SelangorRM1152
35.  42300B Puncak Alam,Saujana UtamaRM1152
36.  45200B Sabak BernamRM1804
37.  45300B Sungai BesarRM1440
38.  45400B SekinchanRM1756
39.  45500B Tanjung KarangRM1420
40.  45600B Batang BerjuntaiRM1300
41.  45620B IjokRM1145
42.  45800B Jeram,Kapar > B.12RM800
43.  45800B Sg.Buloh (Jeram)RM800
44.  42100B Klang-Rantau Panjg,GoHokHuatRM640
45.  46000B JKlang Lama>B.5,Medan,PJS1-4RM741
46.  46000B PJ S1-22,51,52RM741
47.  47301B PJ SS1-11KelJay,PJS 5,6SgWayRM741
48.  47301B PJ SS24-25,PJU1Mega,May,EmasRM823
49.  47400B PJ SS20-23 Damsr.J/U/K,T.SEARM823
50.  47800B Bandar Utama, TropicanaRM823
51.  47820B PJU Kota Dsra/Muti/Sunw,TISBRM855
52.  60000W Tmn.Tun Dr.IsmailRM824
53.  40000B SA S1-8,14 S.Alm Barat SIRIMRM645
54.  40100B SA S9-13 S.Alm Timur StadiumRM645
55.  40150B SA U3,PJU1A SAAS,Sauj.Ind.PkRM728
56.  40150B SA U1 Subang Hitec, GlenmarieRM728
57.  40150B SA U2,7,8 TTDI,TUDM,Jelutong,Saujana IndahRM728
58.  40150B SA U6,9 SubangNV,Cay,Kay,MozRM732
59.  40170B SA U10 Puncak Perdna,Nusa RuRM680732
60.  40200B SA S15-18 S.Alm Psr.Sgor,PJwRM645
61.  40300B SA S19-24 S.Alm S,TP7,Subg UtamaRM732
62.  40400B SA S25-28,33 Hcom,Ikea,AMegaRM645
63.  40460B SA S31 Kota KemuningRM645
64.  47100B Kinrara (Puchong B.7)RM833
65.  47500B SJay,Sway SS10,12-19,PJS7-11RM732
66.  47500B USJ1-28,Penaga,SS13/1K,PutraRM732
67.  43000B Kajang Barat Sg.Ramal/ChuaRM1320
68.  43000B Kajang Selatan,J.Reko/BukitRM1320
69.  43000B Kajang Timur/Utar,J.SemenyihRM1400
70.  43000B B.Baru S.Long,Mahkota CherasRM940
71.  43100B Hulu Langat Batu 14RM1400
72.  43100B Hulu Langat Batu 18RM1600
73.  43200B Balakong,Cheras Bt.9(>B.8-11)RM960
74.  43300B Serdang LamaRM900
75.  43300B Serdang Baru RM980
76.  43500B SemenyihRM1400
77.  43650B Bandar Baru BangiRM1400
78.  43700B BeranangRM1440
79.  62000Y PutrajayaRM1421
80.  63000B CyberjayaRM1421
81.  50450W Ampang Before RisdaRM895
82.  53100W Melawati,Melati,TARC,WadburnRM982
83.  53300W Stapak,AirPanas,W.Maju,PmataRM930
84.  54000W Krmat,Smrak,Jtek,Stwgs,UKFTZRM895
85.  55000W Ampang/Hlir,Utant,Damai,PwanRM895
86.  55100W Imbi,Pudu,Maluri,Pandan J/IRM946
87.  68000B Ampang After Risda,Ulu KlangRM946
88.  47100B Puchong>12-14,Int,IPB,Utm,BPRM853
89.  47100B Puchong>B.14,Pulai MerantiRM853
90.  47100B Puchong>7-12TPP,BPut,Waw,JayRM853
91.  56000W Cheras Barat,B/D.Tun RazakRM955
92.  56100W Cheras TimurRM955
93.  57000W SBesi,SriPtlg,Jalil,TasikSelRM903
94.  57100W Salak South,Desa PetalingRM845
95.  58200W KlgLama<6,Pucong<7,OUG,KucaiRM844
96.  44000B Kuala Kubu BaruRM1710
97.  44100B KerlingRM1710
98.  44100B KalumpangRM1855
99.  44110B Lembah BeringinRM1720
100.44200B RasaRM1540
101.44300B Batang Kali,Ulu Yam BaruRM1616
102.49000C Bukit FraserRM1967
103.48000B Kuang,KundangRM1417
104.48000B RawangRM1417
105.48100B Batu ArangRM1582
106.48200B SerendahRM1500
107.48300B Bukit BeruntungRM1624
108.40160B SA U4,19 Kg/KgBaru SgBulohRM875
109.40160B SA U18,20 Paya Jaras,S.PlongRM996
110.40160B SA U5,16 MaSing,Pingr/Bk SbgRM835


VK said...

Haulage rate increase by 20% effective 1st June 2011 on top of above listed rate

Anonymous said...

i've exporting culcutta to klang, need guidelines. thank you

VK said...

How can i help and what guidelines do you want to know? If you are a new exporter , suggest you to contact a freight forwarding company . Trust they can help. There are indeed numerous points you need to know and prepare. Beside working on the total logistics cost , shipping terms , there are also other points such as export permit and import permit may be required on your intended goods.

max said...

do you ship to Labuan? very interested.

VK said...

Hi Max, yes . Many shipping lines have service to and from Labuan.

Yogesh Gupta said...

Hallo, we are thinking to establish a distribution warehouse in Port Klang Free Zone, Need to work out the cost involve in import/Export 20' general cargo containers

Import will be mainly from Europe and Export will be Chennai and Mumbai port

Can anybody help in providing information

Yogesh (yg@msmldxb.com)

Anonymous said...

Hye.. Can i know the development of haulage industry in klang valley ?

Can you send the detail at my email zana_2912@yahoo.com

John Cally said...

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Sukhvinder singh said...

I'm looking for a job. Urgently. Pls call me or SMS at 0124794970.. I have experience in freight forwarding ,haulage , 3pl logistics and warehousing.

Celynn pong said...

Hi VK, I am going to arrange delivery goods to customer by seafreight - FCL , CIF , discharge will be at Sandankan port. What customs documents we need to do? Before delivery, report K9 & after shipment report K3, right? Report K9 - tax invoice need to show GST, right? Kindly advise more related this (K9, K3, GST...) Thanks..

VK said...

Hi Celynn,

1) Your import is from Foreign countries , you need to clear custom K1 , pay related import tax and GST

2) Your import is from within Malaysia (Domestic, eg from Port Klang to Sandakan) , you need to clear custom K3 , no import tax and GST. But for K3 declaration, you commercial invoice value must indicate the GST value and custom declaration base on total value include GST.

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