Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Malaysia Airfreight local handling and accessorial charges

Revision effective 1st June 2013

These are charges averagely charged by the Airfreight forwarder communities. However subject to the level of service offered , validity and revision by vendor  , the charges may varies up or down .

1) ATA Carnet Shipment  :  Minimum RM500 or RM0.50/kg whichever is higher (per shipment basis)
2) AWB Fee :  RM20 per CAWB/HAWB
3) Airport Transfer Fee (Inbound/Outbound) :  Minimum RM50 or RM0.50/kg whichever is higher (per shipment basis)
(Inclusive of forklift and overtime)
4) Bank Endorsement Fee : RM100 per CAWB/HAWB
5) Bond Shipment Fee (Temporary Import) : Minimum RM500 or RM0.50/kg whichever higher (per shipment basis)
6) Break-bulk fee : RM50 per HAWB
7) Communication/fax charges (A4 size) : RM10 per page (local faxes)
(CAWB/HAWB and Consignee/Shipper Invoices Only) (Excluding Arrival Notification)
8) Currency Adjustments Factor (C.A.F) : 5% B.S.R Exchange or Minimum RM24 whichever higher (per shipment basis)
9) Dangerous Goods Regulations Fee (DGR) : RM100 per shipment
10) Demurrage
a) Terminal Operator (KLAS/MAS) : As per their tariff -check with MAS Terminal ( http://www.maskargo.com/pdf/press/standard_warehousing_tariff.pdf ) or KLAS terminal . 
b) Agents/Forwarders Warehouse (KLAS Cargo Village Only)
i) Demurrage free period of 48 working hours applies from the time of notification in writing to.
Agents or Consignees, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays.
ii) Lapse of 48 hours. Demurrage is calculated from ATA (Actual time of arrival ). Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays excluded, and tariff to be applied is as per terminal operators tariff.
11) Documentation Fee (K1,2,3,8,9 &K1A) : RM50 (1st set), RM15 (each additional set)
12) Duty Drawback Processing Fee : Minimum RM250 or 10% of total claim payable, whichever is higher (per shipment basis)
13) E.D.I Fee : RM30 (1st set). RM10 (each additional set , per shipment basis)
14) EFT Fee : RM15 per shipment
15) Examination Fee : RM50 per shipment
16) Express Handling Fee : As per terminal operator tariff (MAS/KLAS)
17) FCZ Processing Fee (K1,2,3,8,9 &ZB1,2,3,4,5) : RM5 per declaration(per AA/ZB Reg. No)
18) Film Permit Fee : RM200 per application
19) Forklift Fee : RM100 for every half hour or part thereof (per shipment basis). Applicable for outside hire only.
20) Handling Fee (G.C.R Cargo Only) : Minimum RM100 or RM0.35/kg whichever higher per shipment basis
21) High Value Cargo/Fee (Merchandised Goods) : Minimum RM250 or RM0.45/kg whichever higher per shipment basis
22) Household/Personal Effect Fee : Minimum RM150 or RM0.45/kg whichever higher per shipment basis
23) Labour Charges : RM50 per man hour or part thereof
24) Live Animal/Stock Fee : Minimum RM250 or RM0.35/kg whichever higher per shipment basis
25) Manifest Processing Fee (K4,K5 &K6 Electronic) : RM32.50 per shipment
26) 'ODD' or Special Cargo Fee : RM600 per shipment
27) Parcel Post Fee : RM100 per shipment
28) Perishable Cargo Fee : Minimum RM150 or RM0.45/kg whichever higher per shipment basis
29) Permit/License Fee : RM150 per application/endorsement
30) Security Handling Fee : 40kgs and below RM40. Above 40kgs RM100 per shipment basis
31) Security Escort (Unarmed) : RM250
32) Security Escort (Armed) : RM350
33) Shipment Location Fee : RM50 per shipment
34) Special Handling Fee (Hand Carried Shipment) : RM250 per shipment
35) Survey Report Fee ( Agent to Agent) : RM50 per shipment
36) Survey Report Fee (Terminal Operator) : RM15 per shipment (Inclusive of HAWB and direct AWB)
37) Terminal Fee : As per Terminal Operators tariff ( range from Minimum RM15 to RM25 or RM0.15/kg to RM0.25/kg whichever higher
38) Transhipment Fee : RM30 per shipment
39) Transportation Fee ( Based on Postal Codes) .For shipment related to KUL International Airport Only
a) Zone A  : RM180 or RM0.50/kg whichever is higher per shipment basis
b) Zone B  : RM150 or RM0.45/kg whichever is higher per shipment basis
c) Zone C  : RM125 or RM0.40/kg whichever is higher per shipment basis
d) Zone D : Own discretion by transporter

Zone A : 
410XX - 424XX :  Klang/Port Klang
425XX - 427XX : Telok Panglima Garang/Banting/Jenjarom
500XX - 600XX : Kuala Lumpur
680XX - 681XX : Ampang/Batu Caves

Zone B : 
400XX - 406XX : Shah Alam
430XX - 435XX : Kajang/Balakong/Seri Kembangan/Serdang/Semenyih
460XX - 474XX : Petaling Jaya/Subang Airport
475XX - 479XX : Subang Jaya/Subang UEP
700XX : Seremban
719XX : Seremban

436XX - 439XX : Bangi/Dengkil/Beranang/Salak/Sungai Pelik
718XX : Nilai

Other Areas

40) Terms and Conditions
  • A disbursement fee of 1.5% (or minimum of RM50) will be levied by the Agents on any advance payments (as per client request).
  • Agent/Consignees/Shippers are required to make all payments in advance
  • All businesses undertaken by member companies are subject to the Airfreight Forwarders Association of Malaysia (AFAM) Standard Trading Conditions.
  • All Agents/Consolidators are to notify relevant agent/consignee of arrival of shipment in writing followed by phone confirmation.
  • All Agents/Consolidators are to collect their HAWB from their respective Agents/Consolidators at KLIA Cargo Village
  • All Agents/Consolidators with or without facilities at KLIA Cargo Village are most welcome to use AFAM Secretarial for both collection and distribution of HAWB upon request
  • All Agents/Consignees/Shippers are recommended to only use the services of members duly registered with the regulating body. ie Airfreight Forwarders Association of Malaysia (AFAM)
  • A late payment charges at the rate 1.5% per month from the date the amounts are due until date of full realization.
  • Member companies shall have the right to withhold cargo pending receipt of all outstanding payments in full.
source fm AFAM


Yuen Ling said...

What about the local charges in Malaysia for sea shipment?

Would you be able to access the local charges in overseas like Korea and China upon the vessel arrival to their port also?

VK said...

Will post the Seafreight average local charges for Malaysia this week. For overseas , post a question shall do best to assist .

VK said...

To advice a more complete charges, the delivery address and cargo details is needed.

Otherwise for a brief

To Korea , containerize cargo usually discharge at Pusan . Sometimes at Ulsan.

Local shipping line charges for Deliver Order collection

THC : KRW 101,000 / 20'& KRW 137,000 / 20'
Document fee : KRW 25,000 / ship
Wharfage : KRW 4,200 / 20'& KRW 8,400 / 40'
Cleaning fee : KRW 20,000 / container

Subject to other custom clearance and trucking charges.

For China , need to name the port at least. There are many Ports in China , and operated by different parties and applied varies charges.

Helen Kebaya Collection's said...

what about charges for airfreight & Seafreight to Miri, sarawak?
is about 200kg bundle to Miri.
How long is the delivery taken to Miri & how much is the charges by airfreight?
If by Seafreight, How long is the delivery taken to Miri & how much is the charges for 1000kg bundle

VK said...

Pick up point Klang valley. By airfreight KUL to Miri airport for 200kgs goods(lose small cartons packing ) should be approximately : RM1500 . Delivery up to Miri door ( town area -approximately RM2000)
Seafreight for 1000kgs good ( 1 m3 ) pick up Klang valley to Miri door ( town area) should be able to be done at approximately RM3000 (base on RM300/revenue ton or per m3) .

Transit time - by air flight 1 day - door to door ( would be about 4 working days)
By seafreight approximately two weeks)

Wynnce said...

Where can I find the charges applied to air freight from Msia to China? Are there any online quotation available out there?

VK said...

For NON Courier service , there is no as i know of. But you can drop an inquiries in any freight forwarder website and trust they will reply you in a day ( if Airport to Airport ) Should your goods is 20 to 30kgs or less, you should opt for courier service ( DHL, Fedex , Pos Laju) will sure cheaper. (door to door) . You can get the cost online thru their website. If cargo are large , you can drop your goods details here, i will try to give some estimate cost.

Anonymous said...

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Jon said...

do you mind to itemize all charges(custom clearance) charged by a forwarder(at KLIA) for a consolidated airfreight shipment of 150kgs from china? the shipment consists of non-sensitive ordinary consumer products like shoes, stationery, clothing, household products etc. say maybe 150kg?Of course, custom duties will be paid by the individual consignee, if there is any. just a rough estimation will do and how do we contact you? Couldn't find your contact details here.

VK said...

Hi Jon , consolidated shipment and you mention "individual consignee" mean numerous House BL involved. Same charges will applied as for a single consignee shipment. (Subject to varies by individual forwarders)

You make more if you are a consolidator of numerous consignee. ( on those minimum charges for small cargo and documents fees)But as for custom clearance charges it would depend if consignee appoint you or their own custom broker

Charges as per below will applied
Note: Each House AWB (consignee is taken as per shipment (one shipment)and bill according to the House AWB weight.

1)Airport terminal charges: RM20 minimum or RM0.20/kg whichever greater
2)Manifest processing : RM32.50/shipment
3)Breakbulk fees: RM50/shipment
4)Airport transfer fees: RM50 minimum or RM0.50/kg whichever greater
5)Freight Charge if Freight To Collect shipment
6)CAF RM24 minimum or 5% (on the total Freight collect charges)
7)Storage if exceed free time

Above item 1 to 7 appplied if you do not involve custom clearance. ( Only releasing Cargo within Free Zone)

Below item 8 and onwards applied if custom clearance job being offered

8)Custom Documentation : RM50/set (additional RM15/set
9)Custom Examination :RM50/shipment
10)Handling fee (household goods): RM150/shipment minimum or RM0.45/kg whichever greater
11)GST 6% on item 8, 9 and 10
12)FCZ fees: RM32.50/shipment
13)EFT for dutiable item: RM15/shipment
14) Transport & Labour depend on delivery point.

Hope above may help. Sorry that i am only moderating this blog and not in promoting any company currently. It is not appropriate for me to give out my contact.

Jon said...

Dear VK,

Sorry for the confusion, we will combine/consolidate 70 packages into one shipment about 150kgs, then ship to KLIA, appoints a custom clearance agent to do the clearance, each package belongs to different consignee(recipient), of course if one particular consignee was to import more than rm1000 worth of merchandise, i presume he/she would need to pay for duties, am i right? I believe what the consignees want is the custom will be cleared without hassle, so we will appoint someone to do the custom clearance. if there is duty, they will pay for it, that's all. how do we go about doing this? what is the most economical way for us? again, please itemized the charges if possible. once again, thanks for the reply. You can send your contact details to (t i d i. t o n g at gmail.com - please remove spaces) if you want, of course, thank u.

Jon said...

In short, we are a group of shop owners, we are planning to consolidate all our imports into one shipment and ship it back once a week because we want to cut cost, but i don't want to pay for the custom duties of another consignee when what i imported was 2kgs of stationery, and he imported 50 pcs of loud speakers. Excuse me if the question is silly because I'm not in the industry, and the shipping jargons and procedures are confusing to me. Thanks again.

VK said...

Hi Jon,

FEW things

1) How many Air waybill being issue? ( Cargo receipt ) . In your case look like only 1 . Mean only one of you are the owner for the total cargoes. The person named consignee on the Air waybill is the cargo owner (My view , being named consignee for a parcel share by many parties and if not knowing what inside is a big big mistake and risk).You know what i mean? Consignee will be held if prohibited items found. Custom clearance done with the consignee name. So if it is , then my early charges will applied (one shipment)Charges item 1 to item 14 applied once. How you split the amount, recommend to split by weight.

2) If you are being issue an individual Air Waybill Or cargo receipt by the forwarder for each of you, then each of the Air Waybill holder pay charges stated (consider individual independent shipment)Each pay charges item 1 to Item 14

3) On custom duties. Different item have different import and sales tax tariff and restriction such as import permit and etc. They are HS code for each.There is always a custom itemize print out. So no worry about who pay more. Unless you are importing same items, but still you will able to figure it out. Ask for the itemized draft before confirm payment to custom and alway ask for custom receipt.

4) Suggest you re-work the shipping cost. In most case cargo lesser than 30kgs ,cheaper to go direct with courier service Door to Door.

Anonymous said...

Hi VK, how about importing books from US to malaysia? What is the average cost per kg? From the US to Singapore, the cost is average RM13 per kg.


VK said...

Airfreight from USA to KUL Airport will not be much different from USA to Singapore ( airport to airport ). But NOT ON the local clearance and procedure. Beside those charge listed on this title , your forwarder may charge other service fees as well, especially on storage , attend cargo inspection and etc. Importing book into Malaysia need the Authority approval ( KDN )Kementerian Dalam Negeri. You need to obtain approval prior bringing in the books or else your books will be on custom hold for while awaiting for the approval. If you import used books in bulk or many titles, it may take a longer time to screen.

Anonymous said...

Hi! How about air freight services from KL to Japan?
I need to send a small package of perishable goods to Tokyo. How long does it take and how much is the cost? Thanks!

VK said...

KUL to Tokyo Airport

Average Airfreight rate as below for general cargo

KUL to NRT/KIX45kgs or less ( IATA Rate )
+45kgs : RM11 /kg
+100kgs : RM8.7 /kg
+250kgs : RM8.5 /kg
+500kgs : RM8.3 /kg
+1000kgs : RM8.1 /kg

Subject Airport export handling both end.

While for perishable rate, you will be charges at minimum freight of 100kgs regards your parcel size. There afer per kgs basis.

Please take note of others export restriction for perishable ( with relevant authority such as agricultural,fisheries department and etc ) . Same goes to Japan import restriction and documentations.

Unknown said...

I have a package detained by Skynet Inter . They want me to pay RM3000 FOR Demurrage and insurance . the package contain 6 units Of EVGA GTX690 graphics cards.
They said this package is held by custom KLIA for excess package. the salesinvoice does not tally with the DO.
I refuse to pay them but request to see the bill of all charges. They refuse .Now the package is still with custom klia according to them.
Can you please advise?

VK said...

Hi, sorry i cannot comment much since i do not know what is the actual situation or your shipping term. Demurrage are related to storage. Insurance? Short paid or what? But the custom related, you can ask for custom report or the K1 custom form. Custom queries , usually have a remark on this for follow up.
However , as a customer/consumer , you should not be denied a breakdown of the bill.

Yansen and Family said...

Hi! How about air freight services NON Courier from Korea to KL/Miri?
To speed up delivery time, we plan to to send our goods (12 inch Pipe x 12 meter lgth, qty 73 lgth) Total Weight approx: 24 tonnes
. How long does it take and how much is the cost? Thanks!

Sweety Singh said...

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xclpl said...

Air Freight

Thank you for sharing Air Freight info.I found this post to be every informative.It is also very useful for every body.

journey of a lady said...

hello vk, i need to purchase household item from usa. the seller willing to arrange ground shipping to airport/port. the weight is about 20-30kg,volume 1.5m3. what method do you recommend me to ship the item and how much total estimation cost?

many thanks

VK said...

Hi JOAL, your cargo weight about 30kgs but volume 1.5m3 .This will make your cargo chargeable weight 250kgs. Cheapest option via Seafreight . Below some idea
1)You paid from USA Airport up to deliver Klang valley door will cost est. RM5300
2)You paid from USA CFS seaport up to deliver Klang valley door will cost est. RM3200
3)Seller send up to KUL airport , you will only pay est. RM700 for clearance and delivery to Klang valley door from KUL airport
4) Seller send up to Port Klang seaport CFS, you will only pay est. RM950 for clearance and delivery to Klang valley door from Port Klang seaport CFS

Hope above give some ideas.

AR mirza said...

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chics said...


Can you advice me on charges to bring cats [2 cats] to Brunei?

The two of them weight 8kgs.

VK said...


you can contact airline office , and check in as excess baggage. Below share some information. Source MAS.

Most important is getting the health cert and permit for both countries.

Carriage of domestic pets

The carriage of domestic pets in the aircraft cabin is not permitted. Domestic pets may however be uplifted in the cargo holds on the same flight as special excess baggage, subject to certain conditions.

Pets in the baggage compartment

Live animals classified as pets such as cats, dogs and fishes may be accepted as accompanied baggage at check-in provided:

The health and governmental regulations of each individual country are complied with.
The accepted animals are stowed in aircraft holds.
The instruction for feeding and watering must be given in writing at the time of acceptance.
Customs import/export permits for carriage and/or a Veterinarian Health Certificate for the animals may be required. The weight of the animal and its container/cage will be charged as excess baggage and will not be accepted as part of the free baggage allowance.

The following are the Malaysia Airlines destinations that require live animals or pets to be carried or shipped as manifested cargo (freight), and not as checked baggage:

All Australian destinations
Hong Kong
Bandar Seri Begawan
Owner's responsibility

It is the responsibility of the pet owner to obtain the necessary documents after which you would need to contact a reservations agent at Malaysia Airlines Call Centre or at Ticket Office near you to advise us of your intent to travel with your pet.

When you speak with the Malaysia Airlines agent, please have the following information ready – the kind of animal, weight of the cage/animal hold.

You are encouraged to contact the local Veterinary Services office in both the departing country and importing country to find out what the requirements are in terms of documents/health requirements for the export of live animals from the departing country and import of live animals into the importing country.

Excess baggage charges for live animal or domestic pet

If the flight sector applies weight system, the charge is based on 1.5% of the highest normal direct adult one-way economy class fare (in local currency) for each kilogram.
The charge is based on animal weight plus the cage.
In case the weight of live animal and its cage is less than 5 kg, a minimum of 5 kg will be charged.
If the flight sector applies piece system, the charge is based on the extra piece as excess baggage rate.
Guide dogs accompanying sight or hearing impaired passengers, together with containers and food, will be carried free of charge in addition to the free baggage allowance.

Storage requirements

The container or kennel used for the animals must satisfy the following conditions:

be well-constructed and able to withstand other freight damaging it or causing the structure to buckle or bend
be adequately ventilated on at least three sides, with the majority of the ventilation being provided on the upper part of the container
the ventilation openings must be small enough or covered with mesh in order to prevent escape or any part of the animal protruding with the resultant danger of injury
be large enough to allow the animal to stand, turn and lie down in a natural manner
have separate food and water troughs, either fixed inside the container or attached to it so that they are accessible for replenishment purposes
be clean and leak-proof
have layers of absorbent materials on its floor to prevent soilage and damage to aircraft floor
be easy for staff to handle and provide the handlers protection from being clawed or bitten by the animal

Anonymous said...

Did cash money n jewellry freight..been punish/fine by the law..m

VK said...

Hi, Jewelry can be imported , but subject to custom duty and tax. Cash money , you need to first obtain written permission from the Exchange Control Department Bank Negara Malaysia. See below link (http://www.customs.gov.my/index.php/en/component/content/article/244)

Vme JasonLeong said...

hi, i'm planning to airfreight some food products from malaysia to china, around 10-20kg but I'm having difficulty getting service provider with economic. can you advice & assist? what's the charges & any taxes involved? TQ.

VK said...

Hi Jason, 10 to 20kgs . Cheapest option will be via any available courier service. Since this is export from Malaysia to China, you need to first know requirement in China import. Importing food products need permit and supporting documents in all countries. As an exporter, you need to provide related documentation such as health certificate or any documents required in China. Or else your shipment will be held at China custom. Check with your buyer/receiver.

Anonymous said...


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Eyma Noh Hassan said...

Hi. I will receiving personal item from my fiancee with 107kg in weight from UK. It contains designer shoes and handbag..my wedding ring and few more item. How much the clearance charge will be?

John Cally said...

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