Friday, March 1, 2013

Airfreight Export and Import General Procedure

Air Cargo delivered to Malaysia are usually discharged at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL). From here , the cargoes will be on carriage by domestics flight connection or via road trucking to other states or final destination.

Importer and Exporter can be represented by appointed custom broker ( Forwarding agent)

Airfreight Import

i)Upon Flight Arrival, importer obtain flight documents from the Airlines.
ii)If Consolidated shipment - process manifest via Electronic data interchange (EDI)system
iii)Sort out documents and proceed to Cargo terminal to pay all charges applicable such as Terminal fees and obtain Delivery Order.
iv)Check with Cargo Terminal if cargo ready for Break bulk and collection. Present DO and collect cargo.
v)Cargo collect back into Cargo agent warehouse within Free Commercial Zone. ( if direct shipment -master airway bill shipment) skip (ii) and proceed to (iii) for cargo collection.
vi) While awaiting (ii) to (v) , Proceed custom clearance with documents received - K1 (for direct import)or K8 for duty unpaid ( delivery to Free Trade Zone)or another custom points. Done via EDI
vii) Upon custom approval(pay duty if dutiable)and obtain custom release ( resit).
viii)Pick cargo from the agent warehouse ( pay all applicable charges - Terminal fees, break bulk fees, manifest processing fees, Airport transfer fees)and obtain release.
ix) Present custom resit with cargo for custom gate release
x) If K8 shipment (from v) proceed with K8 form , and attend with cargo in bonded truck to custom seal station. Seals documents and truck and proceed to designated delivery zone.

Airfreight import process will take approximated 6 to 10 hours to complete.

Airfreight Export

i)Export booking made on intended airline and flight schedule.
**Important to note flight booking must be made with enough time allowance taking consideration on , pick up , trucking , clearance and terminal submission. Latest acceptance of cargoes into terminal is at 6 hours before flight.**
Take note of other importance process such as fumigation if wooden article exist. Fumigation process will take up to 3 days ( application, documentation and process)
ii)Properly label all cartons if loose or pallets. Deliver cargo into Free Commercial Zone , direct to terminal or agent warehouse with Packing List and cargo Invoice or remain on truck to proceed (iii) if same day or urgent flight)
iii)Proceed to register custom via EDI for custom process. K2(international) or K3(domestic)and obtain custom approval(release).While for K8 ,cargo delivery from Free Commercial Zone via bonded truck, proceed direct to seal station and obtain custom break seal and release documents for export.
iv)Cargo can be deliver into terminal as early as 48 hours before flight.
v)Exporter will print label with barcode at Cargo office for a fees or at warehouse. Label all cartons or pallets. Fill up cargo acceptance resit form , prepare all documents (completed Airway bill, packing list,cargo invoices and manifest )and keep inside an envelope(cargo pouch) and proceed to terminal.
v)Cargo will be submitted into Terminal nominated by the Airline. Cargo will be place into Bin and barcode scanned for location and weighted.
vi)Exporter obtain weight slip and acceptance resit copy. Amend Airway bill and manifest accordingly if weight varies from declared to tally with weight slip. Proceed to Terminal Office and pay Terminal Fees due.
vii) Submit the pouch ( Documents) to be delivery to destination by the Airline with the cargo for the receiver.

Airfreight Export can be completed within 2 hours upon entry Free Zone.( not take fumigation into consideration)


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